Chapter 13

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Benefits To Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Unlike Chapter 7, Chapter 13 bankruptcy is designed for those who want to keep their home or some sort of personal property. Chapter 13 bankruptcy reorganizes a person’s debt into a monthly payment plan lasting three to five years. After this time, your debt will be discharged. These plans can also be modified if you should happen to have a change in circumstances during the plan, such as losing a job or reduction in income.

Not only will Chapter 13 allow you to possibly keep your home, but it also stops foreclosure, wage garnishments and creditor harassment instantly. After you file, all actions from creditors will stop.

Louisiana Attorney Rodd Richoux – Helping You Recognize Debt Through Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

At Richoux Law Firm, in Lafayette, I have been helping clients file for bankruptcy since 1996. I can help you stop foreclosure and provide a remedy to help you possibly keep your home. As your attorney, I will guide you through bankruptcy and provide updates throughout the process.

Benefits To Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

When you contact my office, I offer you a free consultation to discuss your situation. I answer every question and will help you understand the steps involved in your debt resolution. If bankruptcy is not right for you, then we will work out other angles. I want you to feel like you are making the right decision, not being pushed into situations that you do not understand. An experienced bankruptcy attorney can help you understand the options you have available.

I want to help you taking steps to get your debt under control. I will help you create a plan that is focused on your best interests. Contact me online or call 337-205-7049 to schedule a free initial consultation to resolve your debt issues right away.

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