Life After Bankruptcy 

Helping You Thrive After Filing For Bankruptcy

Going from living with extreme amounts to debt to life after bankruptcy is like night and day. Not only will it stop harassing calls from creditors, it will provide an ease of mind. Anyone can file for bankruptcy, from those who make little to those who make a lot.

With my office in Lafayette, Louisiana, clients come in burdened and stressed by debt, and leave nearly stress free and happy their debt has been resolved. At my law practice, Richoux Law Firm, every client is taken care of with years of experience, with every question answered and knowledge about their circumstances. I help you achieve a life after bankruptcy.

What Is Life After Bankruptcy Like?

As an experience bankruptcy attorney, I know how to quickly solve a client’s debt so they can go on to a less stressful life after bankruptcy. Filing for bankruptcy gets rid of credit card debt, removes old debts, stop creditors and prevents creditors and trustees from taking certain items.

All unsecured debt will be removed unless a person kept their home or car notes. A person may also own another home if they qualify for financing. Once a person files, they can still own whatever they want. It is an issue of financing and getting into rebuilding of credit.

Life after filing for bankruptcy is immensely less stressful on a person because their debt is no longer hanging over their heads. No one will call throughout the day or at odd times.

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