Chapter 11

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If you own a business that is having trouble paying its creditors, you have options available to you that will allow you to continue to operate the business. Chapter 11 bankruptcy will allow you to reorganize your debt. Despite Chapter 11 bankruptcy being primarily for businesses, individuals who do not qualify for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 may also file.

At my Southern Louisiana office, Richoux Law Firm, businesses and individuals in all types of situations come in with questions and heavy burdens of debt. They leave knowledgeable, able to make the best decisions for their situation. In a free initial consultation, I answer every question a client has and thoroughly explain what is involved in their personal situation.

Allowing Your Business to Continue to Operating.

There are benefits involved when a business files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, allowing it to save money in the long run. The business could modify loans and leases, to help free up cash flow. Chapter 11 also allows a business to continue operations — filing isn’t the end of the road. Going this route will also eliminate unnecessary outflows of cash, saving more money.

Allowing Your Business to Continue to Operating.

As an experienced lawyer, I attend to every need a client has in their bankruptcy filing. Since 1996, I have been fully devoted to helping clients resolve their debt through bankruptcy filings. With me, Rodd Richoux, you receive personal service throughout your case, without having paralegals in the middle. I advise clients on their particular situation, explaining the process and the implications involved. I offer every client an initial consultation free of charge to answer questions and begin the process.

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